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Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 7.32.11 PM(1)On this site I have complied over 160 activities and teaching suggestions from my 18 years of teaching world language.  I’m always learning something new about teaching and I enjoy sharing and collaborating with other teachers. The categories and the search box to the right are a great place to start exploring.

Along with my classroom teaching, I work with  impoverished communities and schools in Nicaragua.  In additional to volunteering in schools I am dedicated to providing school supplies to students in the area of La Concha, Nicaragua who who are learning to read and write.  See below for updates on my visits to the school.

IMG_0844Many of the posts on teaching methodology, research and activities on this site are free and you are welcome to download and modify to fit your needs.  By purchasing the activities linked to my Teachers Pay Teachers store you will not only get great teaching resources, but  you will also help to provide school supplies (pencils, paper, books) to students and teachers at the Panama School in La Concha, Nicaragua. I also support several Kiva entrepreneurs and the Power of Education Foundation, which has a school in Haiti.  I dedicate a percentage of product proceeds to these programs.

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I just returned from my most recent trip to the Panama School.  I am happy to report that there is a new teacher working in the library at the Panamá School and his dedication to each student is simply amazing and he could not be happier to be working there.  Jorge is a great guy.

The kids enjoyed many of the new activities that I brought, particularly jump rope, which we used to play math games.




I’m preparing to head back to Nicaragua with lots of school supplies in a few days.  Thank you to all the followers and supports of my website and my TPT store for making it possible


The camioneta is loaded and ready to go!! Materials for Karen’s culutral center, the reading corner, Jader’s project in San Caralampio, the Buen Esperanza school in Loma Negra, the Ruben Dario school and the Los Amadores school in Panama are included!  So many great projects happening in the La Concha.  I can’t wait to get back there in a few weeks to be a part of it all.



Los Pipitos is a national organization that works with families and children with disabilities in Nicaragua.  A few years ago the special education school run by Los Pipitos in La Concha was robbed of everything. Until recently they only had chairs, one table and a chalkboard. There are at least 15 children with disabilities in La Concha, however only two have been going to school, as the school has no resources. Some children are integrated into public schools, while others stay home. I allocate a portion of my TPT profits to this program and will also be volunteering there and in the Panamá School when I return to Nicaragua in June.



I traveled to Nicaragua this past summer to work with students at the Panamá School.  The students and teachers were so happy to have the materials that I brought down for their classrooms and the library.  They particularly liked the posters with letters and numbers.  The puzzles and memory games were a big hit with the kids.  Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible by shopping in my Teachers Pay Teachers  store.

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Meet some students at the Panamá School in La Concha, NIcaragua.